The Hansoft 9.1016 server is compatible with shares from 9.1 servers, but not earlier versions.

GUI Changes

Wider scrollbars in all views

Fixed Issues

# 6008Server crash in dashboard calculations when the mirror thread is out of syncSeverity A
# 6055Safe timer breaks if the server is running 24 days after the computer has been startedSeverity A
# 5985Dashboard sample times are shown in GMT instead of local server timeSeverity B
# 6007Charts can be starved in the dashboard calculation queueSeverity B
# 5999Keyboard shortcuts do not work if item details has focusSeverity C
# 6017There is a clickable area below the horizontal scrollbarSeverity C
# 6049Dragging a column in the Edit user view preset dialog makes the checkbox disappearSeverity C
# 6036The dashboard header is black in full screen mode on Windows when using the dark themeSeverity D