The Hansoft 9.1020 server is not compatible with shares from earlier versions.


Time Reporting Module for FREE in the Professional Edition
Holiday calendars are updated up to and including year 2022
A new version of the SDK is available: Hansoft SDK for all platforms

New features

Clone project, with options to include users and column definitions
More options to set date automatically on date and datetime columns. These columns can now be configured to automatically set current date when:
  • Item is created (this was previously the only option)
  • Item status is set to Not done/In progress/Completed/Blocked/To be deleted
  • Item is committed to Planning

Fixed Issues

# 5670“Scale final value by” does not affect historical values when using Historical data as a dimensionSeverity B
# 5775Updating a pipeline without any actual changes will reset the selections of that pipeline in DashboardsSeverity C
# 5799Too many items returned when using “Pipeline, Kanban or Workflow” criteria in portfolio reportsSeverity C
# 5850When adding a group containing a QA or ghost users to a sprint, the QA and ghost users are not addedSeverity C
# 5853In new projects, the QA and Backlog sections are not created until they are opened for the first timeSeverity C
# 5863In the report editor, the generated find query for drop lists uses “:” instead of “=” as the default match operatorSeverity C
# 5995The warning about combining columns is triggered even if there are only changes in metadataSeverity C
# 6065SDK: Share channels do not provide authentication or credential resolutionSeverity C
# 5859The “Welcome to Hansoft 9..” message still says Hansoft 8 in English (US)Severity D
# 5987Description texts are switched in the Customise project (QA) settings dialogSeverity D