The Hansoft 9.1025 server is compatible with shares from 9.1020 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

Fixed Issues

# 6077SDK: Crash in TaskCreateUnifiedSeverity A
# 5866Item links do not work when pointing to an item with a hidden workflow statusSeverity B
# 6024The “Workflow status set by user” dimension in Dashboards does not work for items in QASeverity B
# 5800When editing droplist columns, the “Default value” checkbox has to be clicked twice to be selectedSeverity C
# 5840The checkboxes in the file permissions dialog do not work as expectedSeverity C
# 6066The default date and time inserted when selecting an empty date field is not correctSeverity C
# 5448Input fields and texts overlap in the “Set custom start day and value” dialog on OS XSeverity D
# 5672The popup message displayed when choosing the default pipeline/kanban refers to workflow, not pipelineSeverity D
# 5691The shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+O for toggling Ghost user mode is not shown in the menuSeverity D
# 5773When the time spent column is enabled in the To do list, it is always outside of the view by defaultSeverity D
# 5782Renaming “bug” in the project name template does not reflect in the To do list headersSeverity D
# 31436“Steps to reproduce” isn’t shown as Quality assurance field in workflow transitionsSeverity D