The Hansoft 9.1029 server is compatible with shares from 9.1020 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

New features

Tooltips on dashboard page headers

Fixed Issues

# 6035News feed can stop working due to a loop in the project history conversionSeverity A
# 6080Dashboard charts filtered by reports using free text fields hide historical data after upgrade from 9.1007 to 9.1010Severity B
# 6081The report criteria “Committed to sprint”, “Last updated by” and “Originally reported by” do not return anything when selecting multiple choicesSeverity B
# 5399Sub project path is not included when exporting to spreadsheet from Portfolio FindSeverity C
# 5984Changing the members of a sprint causes the ‘User allocations’ drop down to collapseSeverity C
# 6010The “>” character is not escaped properly when importing items from xmlSeverity C
# 6042Sub project path is not included when exporting to tab separated file from Portfolio FindSeverity C
# 6078Checkboxes in some dialogs are always unchecked when the dialog is openedSeverity C