The Hansoft 9.1032 server is compatible with shares from 9.1020 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

Release notes

Improved logging of dashboard sampling on the server
The auto generated license upgrade email address changed to [email protected]

GUI Changes

New “Blocked” icon in the client

Fixed Issues

# 6116Client crash when selecting an item with an unmatched “</COLOR>” tag in a multi-line text columnSeverity B
# 5753When having two vertical scroll bars in a bar chart, only one of them worksSeverity C
# 5778The “Database” field in the login window only accepts one character at a time when typingSeverity C
# 4588Setting the same status multiple times spams the news feedSeverity D
# 6025Pipeline/workflow value is not shown on QA items in Portfolio findSeverity D