The Hansoft 9.1034 server is compatible with shares from 9.1020 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

GUI Changes

Removed “Show” from the visible columns right-click menu
Switched position of the “Create new report” and “Create new folder” buttons in My reports

New features

New “Assign to me” option in the “Assigned to” popup lists
Remember report editor window size and position between sessions

Fixed Issues

# 6018Failed file operations in project history can crash the serverSeverity A
# 6133Server crash when cloning a project on a share server if the share has been disconnectedSeverity A
# 6068Users that are not assigned to a task in a sprint get wrong capacity and allocation for that sprint in DashboardsSeverity B
# 6104Default values cannot be selected for custom multi select columnsSeverity B
# 6129Client crash if the user cloning a project is not a member of that project and has logged out since the project was createdSeverity B
# 6002The Pipeline/Workflow field in item details is disabled if there are items with different workflows selectedSeverity C
# 5988“Auto refresh” in the Customise project (QA) settings dialog is untranslatedSeverity D
# 6135Item name changes do not update automatically in the news feedSeverity D