The Hansoft 9.1043 server is compatible with shares from 9.1020 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

New features

Select ‘No sprint’ when using ‘Committed to sprint’ criteria in reports.
Card popup size and popup text size can be configured in the board view.

Fixed Issues

# 5784When an item with Work remaining not set is copied from Project history, Work remaining is always set to 0Severity B
# 6144SDK: ProjectCreate does not create backlog and QA project in SDK client databaseSeverity B
# 6151SDK: Missing encode and decode functions for HPMResourceDefinitionListSeverity B
# 5340Forecasting on dashboard charts does not work when set the first time, if the default weighted average is usedSeverity C
# 5747Card color is not included in the xml exportSeverity C
# 5824The “Allocations” measure includes one day too much when setting a date rangeSeverity C
# 6063Multiple columns with the same name can be created by copy/pasting itemsSeverity C
# 6127Dashboard item views includes sub project path when searching for items using a report with an “Item name” criteriaSeverity C
# 6130A user who is restricted from editing “Committed to sprint” can still commit a bug to a sprint via the right-click menuSeverity C