The Hansoft 9.1055 server is not compatible with shares from earlier versions.

New features

Option to include reports when cloning projects
Warning when batch committing, indenting or moving more than 100 items

GUI Changes

Do not show ghost users in board view when not in ghost user mode

Fixed Issues

# 6166Server crash when logging in as a shared user after having used replace remote guest user with home user on the accountSeverity A
# 6167Client crash when launched on macOS SierraSeverity B
# 6045Hansoft server only listens in IPv4 mode, not IPv6Severity B
# 6087Chart tooltip render crash in line chart when the number of measures exceeds the number of historical sampling datesSeverity B
# 6102SDK: When creating a task from the SDK, the default value meta data setting is ignoredSeverity B
# 6162SDK: ProjectGetSettings returns exception when passed non-main project IDSeverity B
# 6168The “Estimated days” measure in dashboards shows no data from scheduled itemsSeverity B
# 6171SDK: Crash when calling ProjectGetViewPresets(sourceProjectID)Severity B
# 6172SDK: Incorrect returned type from function f_Tranlate_DynamicHPMResourceDefinitionListSeverity B
# 6123“Item has been permanently deleted” is shown in the burndown info dialog when item is returned to backlogSeverity D