The Hansoft 9.1064 server is compatible with shares from 9.1055 servers, but not earlier versions.

Fixed Issues

# 6207Server crash when client is requesting change history for a deleted column in a deleted projectSeverity A
# 6191SDK: When no default value is set for a column the decode functions throw a ConversionNotSupported exceptionSeverity B
# 6194The burndown forecasting in the planning view shows wrong valuesSeverity B
# 6197Client crash when receiving an invalid CProjectCustomColumnsRename versionSeverity B
# 3453After undo/redo of inserting an item with a default workflow, the workflow status is set to “Unknown status”Severity C
# 4609Items pasted from text do not get the default workflow that is set on the sub projectSeverity C
# 5439When items are dragged from Backlog to below a closed sub project in Planning, they are placed inside the sub projectSeverity C
# 6056When inserting an item in a sprint as a main manager while having a collapsed sub project selected as the last item in the sprint, it is inserted in the wrong sprintSeverity C
# 6149Item details can cover the card popups in the board viewSeverity C
# 6187User selection is reset when editing a user in the admin viewSeverity C
# 6188In a cloned project, shared reports only have user groups listed in the Share report dialog, not individual usersSeverity C
# 6205Bugs pasted from text in QA do not get the default bug workflowSeverity C
# 6184Excessive time logging is not used for streamed commandsSeverity D