The Hansoft A3 9.2029 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2029 and higher.

Fixed Issues

# 6880Comment history and the comment editor render incorrectly after you change workflow states for an itemSeverity B
# 5827The Gantt specific columns Start, Finish, and Duration, were not shown in item details. They are now shown for all items in the schedule, except items contained in iterations/sprintsSeverity C
# 6870The “release tag” field could not be edited from item details by users who were not main managersSeverity C
# 6872When a user had selected multiple items in QA, the permissions check would sometimes resolve incorrectly for some items, allowing users to edit some columns on items they should not be able to.Severity C
# 6842We have now removed an unused section named “ResourceAnalysisAllInProject” from the Hansoft XML format, to improve XML export performance.Severity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.