The Hansoft 9.2064 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.


The Hansoft 9.2064 server comes with a new version of the Jira integration.

Fixed Issues

# 6819Obsolete files in ServerSync directory on server caused Hansoft client to fail to launch on OS X after upgradeSeverity B
# 6903Windows client crash when attempting to type in popup windows, with some input methodsSeverity B
# 6911“The unique identifier specified to the function is not valid” trying to launch JIRA integrationSeverity B
# 6913Improved error message for Jira integration message: EValidateError_InvalidCustomColumnsSeverity B
# 6059Reports not shared to myself are still visible in the “Agile Schedule” drop-downSeverity D
# 6846Breaking down a sprint iteration item assigns the item to yourself, even when you are not a member of the sprintSeverity D
# 6874Ctrl+F does not close the Find bar if the marker is in the find textSeverity D
# 6883Items counter does not update on Show settings change in the backlogSeverity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.