The Hansoft 9.2074 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.


  • The number of free users in the Small Team Edition of Hansoft is now 5.
  • Existing users of the Small Team Edition will keep their 9 free users.
  • The Hansoft 9.2074 release comes with a new version of the Atlassian Jira integration.

Fixed Issues

#6941JIRA integration throws “The unique identifier specified to the function is not valid” when processing an item that was just deleted by another threadSeverity B
#6928Long sub project path causes the JIRA integration sync to fail on mysql where customfieldvalue.stringvalue is defined as varchar(255)Severity B
#6815The sprint capacity measure in dashboards includes the capacity for SDK Users if sprint membership is set to “All project members”Severity B
#6951The OS X Small Team Edition installer configures the client to connect to the local hostname, which does not resolve when Sharing is turned offSeverity B
#6933When you Browse to an install location on the OS X server installer, the installer does not append “Hansoft Server” to the pathSeverity C

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.