The Hansoft 9.2081 server comes with a new version of the JIRA integration


The Hansoft 9.2081 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.

New Features

“Break down” button available on the toolbar This button has been reintroduced on the toolbar after being removed in an earlier version

Fixed Issues

# 6993Windows 10 feature updates can remove the Hansoft serviceSeverity B
# 7002Start and Finish columns are only available in “Select columns” in a dashboard item view if at least one project is in Gantt modeSeverity C
# 7005“Item name” is included in the Select columns list in dashboard item views even though it is always shownSeverity C
# 6959Month names are often hidden in the timeline date barSeverity D
# 6974GUIDs for shares are shown in the user filter in dashboards and in portfolio reportsSeverity D
# 7029“Unexpected get filters error java.lang.NullPointerException” in the JIRA logSeverity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.