The Hansoft 9.2091 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.

New features

Show release names when selected
When selecting releases in the timeline, the names of the releases are now always shown at the top.

Add “Switch to Gantt/Agile interface” in the view menu in the planning view
The “Switch to Gantt/Agile interface” (Ctrl/Cmd+W) command is now also available in the top left view menu.

Add ‘Project’ column to item views in Dashboards
“Project” is now available to select as a visible column in item views in Dashboards.

New icons available in custom drop lists
A new set of icons has been added to custom drop list columns.

UI changes

  • Unified design of Save icons
  • Unified design of Close icons
  • Removed obsolete header bars

Fixed Issues

# 7092Client crash due to vector growing before saving a reportSeverity B
# 7097Client crash when copying an item from the To do listSeverity B
# 7113Client crash while opening new windowsSeverity B
# 7103The server installer in non-interactive mode does not work on UbuntuSeverity C
# 4357When switching from Board or Sprint priority view to Gantt Schedule, the menu says Agile ScheduleSeverity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.