Also released: version 9.208 of the SDK with a bug fix in the HPMResultSetTool (see below).



The Hansoft 9.2103 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.


Fixed Issues

# 7157When opening item details in separate windows, the "Release tag" floating menu belongs to the currently selected task in the listSeverity B
# 7185HPMResultSetTool does not render custom column names as translated stringsSeverity B
# 5818When an item has the same name as a release, searches for that release give no resultSeverity C
# 5836The Work remaining column in the To do list cannot be edited if the project view is in Gantt modeSeverity C
# 6117"Link to items" in the backlog changes focus to the main project window on WindowsSeverity C
# 6975Tasks that are not assigned to a user do not cause the release overdue flag to showSeverity C
# 7121When you share a report to a logged out user, the report does not show in the toolbar until the user opens the Reports listSeverity C
# 7141When reopening a maximized backlog window, it is no longer maximizedSeverity C
# 37633In item details in vertical mode, there is no spacing between the two scroll bars when they are both visibleSeverity D