New features

• Web To-Do: Introducing a new web interface for Hansoft where users can initially see and update their To-Do lists. The web-based To-Do list offers a prioritized list of tasks cross-project with easy filtering and ability to send in status and work remaining updates. Click on each task to see all the details related to the specific task, including comments and attached documents.
• Slack Integration: When you paste a link to a Hansoft task in Slack, the Hansoft Bot will automatically present status, description and assignee in the channel where it was pasted. Learn more about the Hansoft Slack Integration.
• Some additional subscriptions are now available in the Hansoft Web Service. See documentation for details.
• Version Control Access is now supported in the Hansoft Web Service. See documentation for details.


Hansoft Web Service 10.1004 requires Hansoft 10.1008 or higher. 
The 8.4001 and 10.0006 versions of the Hansoft LDAP integration do not support authentication for the Hansoft Web Service.