New Web To-Do features

  • Mentions in comments on the web. If you type "@" while writing a comment, you will be prompted to name a team member. That team member will receive a notification about your comment. 
  • Link to items in your web to-do. You can now copy/paste links to individual tasks in your web to-do. If you paste this link into a browser where you are currently logged in to the web to-do, that item will be opened.

Web To-Do bug fixes

  • 42234: Read-only date and date/time columns show 1970-01-01 1:00:00 if the value is empty
  • 41950: The "Work Remaining" column does not disappear until refresh, if disabled in QA.
  • 41997: "User Story" was referred to as "Detailed Description" in some error messages


Hansoft Web Service 10.1007 requires Hansoft 10.1008 or higher. 
The 8.4001 and 10.0006 versions of the Hansoft LDAP integration do not support authentication for the Hansoft Web Service.