New features

  • Japanese and Chinese localization
  • QA Users can authenticate and create bugs in web client
  • Show item color to the left of each item in the To do list
  • Show sub project path (the sub project path depth is configured in More > Customize project > E-mails)
  • Show units on custom number columns


  • B 8427: Cannot set values in a multi select droplist from the web
  • C 7803: The text in the link editor dialog is not visible in dark theme
  • C 8438: The "due date" filter in the web To do list does not work
  • C 8446: The status "To be deleted" in the web client, is shown as "(No status set)"
  • D 42030: Units are not shown on custom number columns or function columns in the web to-do
  • D 46133: The text in the color picker dialog is invisible in dark theme
  • D 51281: Measure name is shown twice in a chart with historical data and no other dimension

Compatibility & upgrade notes

The Hansoft Web Service 11.0011 requires Hansoft 11.0014.

Hansoft Web Services Release Notes Full Markdown File