New features

  • Show/hide pipeline items that cannot start yet in the To do list and To do board. They are now hidden by default.
  • "Assign to me" option in the assign dropdown in item details.
  • Show start date, finish date and duration for scheduled tasks on the To do board.


  • B 8384 - "Assigned to" on the web is not showing all users due to paging errors
  • C 8727 - An active free text query is not shown after closing and reopening the filter bar
  • C 8741 - Hiding completed items removes the ability to unselect the Completed filter
  • D 8691 - The browser Title bar is not reset when you go from an item to To Do List
  • D 8700 - When filters applied show no items, list says no items are assigned

Compatibility & upgrade notes

The Hansoft Web Service 11.0027 requires Hansoft 11.0045 or later.