New Features

  • "Linked to Item" shows more information about linked items
  • Item views on dashboards offer links to the items listed
  • Tooltips for truncated text in item views and item details
  • Hit control-enter to submit a comment
  • Improved layout for items that have no multi-line text fields
  • In the To Do list, click anywhere on an item to view it.
  • Unified behavior of the top menu bar across views


  • 8384 B:"Assigned to" is not showing all users due to paging errors
  • 8532 C: Web links do not work if the Hansoft hostname is not set.
  • 58594 D: The "no icon" icon shows as a white box

Compatibility & upgrade notes

The Hansoft Web Service 11.0011 requires Hansoft 11.0024.