Bug Fixes

#628176 (Bugs #65599, #65611, #65612) ** Using the 'revertunchanged' flag when submitting to a task stream could result in the error: Operation 'user-submit' failed. //filepath/file is missing from the rev table! Further problems may also happen to files that were partially submitted when this error occurs. To clear the error this task stream should be deleted.

#625965 (Bug #60612) ** 'p4 fstat -mN -Ru' now correctly limits the results based on the number of unresolved files, not the number of open files.

#625432 (Bug #65155) ** In some cases unpromoted task stream files were not being seen by certain commands. This problem could also manifest itself by causing an unnecessary sync replace operation when switching between stream clients. The commands affected are sync, diff, edit, reconcile, fstat, files, filelog, annotate and delete.

#624649 (Bug #65272) ** 'p4 copy -b branch @label' did not work correctly if the label did not include the target files. This has been fixed.