Bug Fixes

#655696 (Bug #66132) ** When switching a stream-client between versioned (ie. StreamAtChange) and default, the new client was not always referencing the whole map. This was cause of 'sync' and 'have' commands with no parameters to not always reflect the correct haveMap entries. This has been fixed.

#655694 (Bug #66266) ** Change numbers recorded in the db.template stream table reflect the previous change submitted, rather than the next change to be submitted. This has been deemed to reflect incorrect results when using the StreamAtChange field of a stream client. This fix requires an additional administrative run of a bugfix to correct existing rows. With the system quiet, and this new P4D in place, run the command 'p4d -xf 66266', which will update all previously existing records in the db.template with change-counter + 1. This bugfix should be run only one time. When the installation is brought back up, subsequent stream specification modifications will correctly store the new change-counter + 1 to the db.template.

#653833 (Bug #66666) ** On Windows if the Server log file is made busy by another application, an error is placed in the Windows Application Event log.

#651019 (Bug #65773) ** If the client is terminated or the network is disrupted during the execution of a 'p4 sync' command, the server now notices the disruption more quickly and cleans up its own state (including the client workspace lock) more rapidly, thus avoiding situations in which the client workspace lock remained held by a 'p4 sync' that was no longer actively connected to its client.

#647594 (Bug #65830) ** Its possible under certain race conditions or sequence of commands to circumvent the (+l) exclusive locked file type.

#630820 (Bug #65680) ** Integrations into task streams will now correctly handle files that have been moved in the parent stream.

#630442 (Bugs #65539) * ** The diff option '-dl' (ignore line endings) will correctly match the last line of a file with no line ending.