Bug Fixes

#682751 (Bug #67781) ** Change #672185 introduced a regression which could cause the server to consume CPU and loop indefinitely when using the labels produced by 'p4 list' in a range scan (typically from P4V).

#677117 (Bug #67554) ** After upgrading a user could experience a 10 second delay logging in for the first time.

#675716 (Bug #66603) ** On Server shutdown, client commands which do not terminate in time will no longer cause a Windows Service stop error.

#673894 (Bug #67259, #67285) ** Old stream path entries recorded in db.template are not always deleted from the stream when the stream is saved. This regression was caused by change #655696 and has been fixed. This change also uses the last committed change number, rather than the current change number for template indexing.

#672185 (Bug #67318) ** Using 'p4 reviews' with many file arguments (>1000) can lock out the db.user and db.review tables for long periods.

#664350 (Bug #66853) ** The server consistency checker 'p4d -xx' would report missing depot entries during the 'db.rev vs db.have' check should an unpromoted task stream be populated and sync'd to a client. If one or more of the files in that sync'd client also be open for edit, there would be errors reported during the check of tables 'db.working vs db.rev'. This has been fixed.

#659745 (Bug #66721) ** 'p4 copy' could fail to propagate a change in filetype or attribute when the target revision was already recorded as a direct copy of the source. This has been fixed.