Bug Fixes

#708462 (Bug #68808) ** Changing the spec.hashbuckets configurable no longer causes all existing autoreload labels to be empty.

#705600 (Bug #66770) ** A replica which used the ClientDataFilter or RevisionDataFilter options would stop replicating after the completion of a large 'p4 sync' command on the master server.

#705023 (Bugs #68016, #68452) ** Upgrade the Server's Windows Smart Heap memory manager. This reduces internal heap contention. This also corrects a rare hang on Windows when running p4d -V.

#696998 (Bug #67954) ** 'p4 archive' will now refuse to archive a revision which is used as the source of a pending or shelved integration.

#694657 (Bug #68200) ** A rare case where 'p4 merge' could loop indefinitely when trying to track a renamed target file has been fixed.