Bug Fixes

#729922 (Bug #69548) ** 'p4 resolve' no longer crashes when attempting to handle database records with invalid file charset values.

#723755 (Bugs #69429) ** Journal replay into the new server type 'edge-server' was acquiring unnecessary locks when propagating a submit from a commit server.

#723545 (Bugs #69286, #69288) ** An update command submitted via a forwarding replica which is interrupted while it is waiting for replication processing to complete will no longer cause unnecessary system resource usage in the forwarding replica.

#721940 (Bug #69315) ** A failure from a change-commit trigger during a submit from an edge server could cause the edge server submit to leave the submitted change status as pending on the edge server. This has been fixed.

#721669 (Bug #65583) ** Change #589668 (charset detection) introduced a regression by setting a charset before acknowledging whether the server was unicode or not. This problem could open happen against a unicode enabled server and if P4CHARSET was not set. The following is an example of the kind of error observed:

p4 add <filepath in local charset> //depot/path/????txt#1 - opened for add No Translation for parameter 'path' value...

The (charset detection) feature has been disabled until this problem can be resolved.