Bug Fixes

#739254 (Bug #69832) ** Integrate will no longer attempt to remap the source to earlier (later readded) variants of the target file that have more direct connections with it than the current head revision.

#736559 (Bug #69654) ** Resolving an open file that has been moved at the head depot rev will no longer produce a false "not in client view" error when a filename argument is given to the resolve command.

#735760 (Bug #69656) ** When integrating moved files, the search for earlier filename variants will stop if the earlier variant is not mapped in the current branch/stream view provided that a target file matching a later filename has already been found.

#735695 (Bug #69698) ** Files that have been re-added in the source branch will no longer be remapped into moved counterparts in the target branch when there is no connecting history with the re-added variant.

#732377 (Bug #45535) ** Certain 'p4 integrate', 'p4 interchanges', and 'p4 copy' commands would incorrectly display the message "Database scan error on db.integed!" if the command was terminated due to MaxResults, MaxScanRows, or MaxLockTime.