Bug Fixes

#753181 (Bug #70144) ** A case involving integration of files with a tricky combination of prior ignore and copy records is now handled better.

#752957 (Bug #70168) ** A performance problem in 'p4 archive' introduced by change 696998 is addressed. The performance of 'p4 archive' now correctly depends on the number of revisions being archived, not on the total number of revisions examined by the 'p4 archive' command.

#749425 (Bug #69604) ** 'p4 istat' in a merge direction did not indicate all outstanding changes reported by 'p4 merge'. Regardless if the the content in the target stream was correct, 'p4 istat' did not report identical change information reported by 'p4 merge'.

#748166 (Bug #70041) ** Resolve will no longer give a false "already opened" error when resolving an edited depot file against a moved depot file.

#744802 (Bug #69776) ** A server with security=3 which uses a P4AUTH server that has an auth-check trigger defined will no longer perform password strength checking, since the external authentication system is responsible for enforcing password strength requirements.

#744138 (Bug #69946) ** Integrate will now consider all reverse integration records between the source and target when trying to determine whether the files share a close enough connection that scanning for renamed variants is not necessary.