Bug Fixes

#1061260 (Bugs #78830,#78915) ** A replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher might incorrectly write its own journal file under conditions of high concurrency on the master, resulting in incorrect behavior and problems with replicas of this replica.

#1058470 (Bug #71835,#78682) ** The Windows server using an SSL port can crash during 'p4 admin restart'.

#1058455 (Bug #78785) ** If a replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher encountered an internal error processing a changelist checksum note, it would halt replication. Now, it logs the error but resumes replication.

#1056434 (Bugs #73278,#72726) ** A replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher might incorrectly report that a changelist checksum differed if the changelist was submitted by a workspace with SubmitOptions = revertunchanged and at least one unchanged file was reverted during the submission of that changelist.

#1047471 (Bug #78444) ** The replica-specific table db.user.rp is now journaled. This means that the table data will appear in checkpoints, journals and dumps. The replica pull thread automatically filters out all db.user.rp records from its P4TARGET server, which is normally the desired behavior, since records in this table are unique to each replica's activity. However, for maintaining warm standby replicas of other replicas, you can set rpl.replay.userrp=1 for the standby replica to disable the filtering and replicate db.user.rp data.

#1039833 (Bugs #73075, #74961) ** The revision specifier @client was not working properly for clients bound to a build-server.

#1036604 (Bug #77433) ** In a distributed configuration, 'p4 unshelve' no longer takes the global exclusive file lock for a file of type +l which is unshelved for add.

#1035772 (Bug #78256) ** A replica running 2014.2 or later which is connected to a 2013.2 master server no longer displays 'Unknown command' when the 'p4 pull -lj' command is run.

#1031186 (Bug #76013) ** 'p4d -xx db.working db.have' could create spurious delete records for db.working if a file opened for move or delete is subsequently moved and submitted by another client and the opened file is then synced to the head revision.

#1030326 (Bug #77559) ** A build-server replica would incorrectly process the View: field for labels, causing the wrong set of revisions to be specified by the label.

#1028757 (Bug #56707) ** The presence of a client spec with the same name as the TCP/IP address of a replica machine no longer causes that replica to issue the error: "Don't know how to translate paths for OS ''".

#1028477 (Bug #77558) ** A replica with lbr.replication=cache was not able to access labels using the autoreload option.

#1027675 (Bug #77595) ** 'p4 export -f' now formats the domain type column correctly for unloaded clients, unloaded labels, and unloaded task streams.

#1010407 (Bug #77471) ** The 'reload -p' command, used to migrate a workspace from one Edge Server to another, or between an Edge Server and the Commit Server, failed in certain specialized licensing scenarios.