Bug Fixes

#840418 (Bug #72690) ** 'p4 diff2 //file#head //file@=<shelved changelist>' where the shelved changelist was 'promoted' in a commit/edge server configuration could crash the server.

#834556 (Bug #72533) ** 'p4 fstat' in a distributed environment (commit/edge) was not reporting other server exclusive lock opens.

#827741 (Bug #72275) ** The maximum line length for an RCS keyword file is now configurable, set via lbr.rcs.maxlen. The default has been increaed to 10M.

#827683 (Bug #72399) ** The server could crash if it failed to open the journal.

#826998 (Bug #71750) ** On Windows, a protects table entry that uses an IPv4 address with CIDR notation may not match the correct addresses if it has an octet that begins with a 0 digit and has a following octet whose value is greater than 7.

#826594 (Bug #72180) ** Triggers now set %serverip% to IP address rather than to hostname.

#826586 (Bug #72298) ** The mode of the lbr.replication configurable is now reported in the tagged output for 'p4 info' when the value is set.

#825277 (Bug #72301) ** Tagged output for 'p4 shelve -a leaveunchanged' now reports the files that have not been shelved due to being unchanged.

#824742 (Bug #71917) ** Upgrade from a pre-2014.1 commit server will not automatically cause promotion of the shelved changes on the commit server. 'p4d -xf 71917' can be used to promote all shelved changes on a commit server.

#824528 (Bug #72062) ** 'p4 shelve -r -a leaveunchanged' resulting in a shelved change being deleted could leave an empty shelved change with no files. This has been fixed.

#817279 (Bug #71661) ** 'p4 reconcile -n' will no longer take an exclusive lock. In a distributed environment this could cause orphaned exclusive locks. This has been fixed.

#816430 (Bug #72113) ** A file that has been moved into the place of a previously moved file, and then moved back to its original name, can now be merged at the same time as the file whose place it was moved into, provided that the current filenames do not conflict.

#816057 (Bug #71614) ** A streams command may not return all streams when running in a long-running connection and a new stream depot and stream are created in a more recent connection. This has been fixed.

#815663 (Bug #72028) ** Merges into a task stream will now correctly track repeated renames in the parent.