Bug Fixes

#1003287 (Bug #77269) ** On a forwarding replica with server.depot.root set, a submit which added new files to a depot with a relative mapping would cache copies of those files in the default location under P4ROOT, instead of in the directory named by server.depot.root

#999862 (Bug #76686) ** Parallel sync could under some high concurrency scenarios scan too many rows from db.sendq. This has been fixed.

#998869 (Bug #73278) ** A replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher might incorrectly report that a changelist checksum differed if the changelist was submitted by a workspace with SubmitOptions = revertunchanged and at least one unchanged file was reverted during the submission of that changelist.

#977627 (Bug #76587) ** 'p4 describe' has been added to the list of commands that can run in lockless mode. #974383 (Bug #72457) ** Running out of space in the shared memory db.monitor table could cause server crashs. Fixed.