Bug Fixes

#1242773 (Bug #81040) ** The server.locks.archive configurable introduced by #898102 now also applies to the 'p4 restore' command.

#1239021 (Bug #80722) ** A file which was integrated from a streams depot to a local depot, or vice versa, would be placed into the wrong location in the proxy cache if it was accessed via the proxy by a command such as 'p4 sync' or 'p4 print'. Note that the symptom of this bug is in the proxy cache, but the fix is in the server.

#1235419 (Bug #80774) ** Improve security by increasing randomness in tickets generated by 'p4 login'.

#1225187 (Bug #74936) ** A 'sync --parallel' command issued via a forwarding replica would complete immediately, but would sync no files.

#1213543 (Bug #79647) ** p4d -jr would mis-handle the revStatus field if replaying db.rev journal records written by a 2005.2 or older server.

#1028809,#1204292 (Bug #56707) ** The presence of a client spec with the same name as the TCP/IP address of a replica machine no longer causes that replica to issue the error: "Don't know how to translate paths for OS ''".

#1172454 (Bug #79504) ** A submit initiated on an Edge Server which failed due to a problem detected after the edge-content trigger had been checked could leave the changelist incorrectly marked as "shelved", and possibly also as "promoted", on the Commit Server, although the changelist was correctly recorded on the Edge Server itself.