Bug Fixes

#1362027 (Bug #85371) ** 'p4 sync --parallel=..' using multiple file arguments could fail to transfer some files if any of the file paths did not contain enough data to use parallel threads. This has been fixed.

#1361919 (Bug #85376) ** Fix for false database corruption error when long descriptions are updated concurrent to readers reading the same description.

#1357677 (Bug #85346) ** Fixed a memory leak in 'p4 verify'.

#1352550 (Bug #85157) * The MacOSX command line client could fail to complete a parallel sync if two or more parallel transfers attempted to create the same directory in the filesystem at the same time; the failing file transfer would print: "mkdir: /path/to/dir: File exists".

#1352328 (Bug #84992) ** If an archive file for a local shelf on an Edge Server should become damaged or missing, deleting the shelf, or deleting or replacing that file in the shelf, will now cancel any pending file transfer for that file which was listed in 'pull -l'.

#1337994 (Bug #84848) ** * 'p4 -Zproxyverbose sync --parallel=...' now correctly displays the diagnostic information about which files were delivered from the proxy's cache.

#1335415 (Bug #84810) ** 'p4d -c <command>' uses classic lock order not the new lockless lock order.

#1319595 (Bug #74317) ** 'p4 annotate' truncates very long lines. In some cases the output stream is not correctly terminated after the truncation and random data or nulls may be appended.

#1315277 (Bug #84027) ** Explicit rebuild of havemaps utilising 'p4d -xU BuildHaveMaps' would drop all ChangeView fields found in client specs. This has been fixed.