Bug Fixes

#960002 (Bug #73909) ** When a workspace on an Edge Server was used to merge new files into a task stream, the workspace's have records were not properly updated at the completion of the submit.

#954124 (Bug #75844) ** In certain chained replica configurations, updates to 'p4 server' specs on the master server were not propagated beyond the first replica on the chain.

#954068 (Bug #75800) ** 'p4 filelog file[revRange]' where the revRange is really high compared to following revisions can excessively scan.

#951087 (Bug #75772) ** The default value for the 'net.tcpsize' configurable was documented incorrectly as 256K (instead of 512K) in 'p4 help configurables'.

#950290 (Bug #75738) ** P4IGNORE is no longer applied to files being opened for add from an existing depot revision.

#949570 (Bug #75718) ** On an Edge Server, 'p4 print -o' of a remote shelf mishandles the name of the output file.

#949003 (Bug #75687) ** Labels, clients, or branches with very large descriptions could cause internal errors when peeking. Fixed.

#944004 (Bug #74754) ** Now we allow the Zookeeper servers to lag behind the boot of the rest of the cluster servers. Default timeout is 5 minutes but it can be changed via the configurable zk.connect.timeout. We do not let this value be <= 0 if so, then the configurable will be changed to its default value of 300 seconds.

#943720 (Bug #60630) ** 'p4 client -S stream@change name' might use the wrong stream parent had the stream been reparented after change. This has been fixed.

#941953 (Bug #75160) ** When running 'p4 change -f' from a task stream workspace for a non task stream changelist, a database lock error could be observed: 'dbscan db.revtx: no read lock'.

#941449 (Bug #75141) ** When migrating client workspaces from commit servers to edge servers, promoted shelves are no longer accessible on the edge server they are bound to. This change allows 'submit -e' to automatically pull metadata and content to the server with the correct ownership.

#940387 (Bug #75336) ** The server spec form and 'p4 help server' both now describe the 'workspace-router' services type as well as grouping the service types according to which server type allows them.

#938145 (Bug #75235) ** 'p4 servers -J' for a standby server now reports the length of the current journal rather than that of the (length 0) live journal.

#938004 (Bug #74998) ** 'p4 reload -p <port> -f' now works correctly even if the workspace isn't currently unloaded.

#937672 (Bug #74698) ** The replica will now drop and reconnect its TCP connection to the P4TARGET server when an error results in the replica's pull thread performing a "backoff" sleep.

#937623 (Bug #70919) ** The filesys.*.min configurables now default to 250MB. Change 846319 was incomplete.

#937421 (Bug #75144) ** 'p4 help configurables' was missing entries for 'rpl.journal.ack' and 'rpl.journal.ack.min'.

#935793 (Bug #74137) ** Added master generation number check so that an old master will not be able to join a cluster after it has failed over to a new master. This change requires that any existing users of 2014.2 prior to PATCH 2 of the Perforce cluster feature must remove their Zookeeper data cache on each server. * stop the cluster * stop zookeepers * remove the existing data caches (see zoo.cfg for location) * restart zookeepers * restart cluster

#935654 (Bug #41230) ** 'p4 duplicate' would sometimes fail reporting corruption of the db.integed table. Fixed.