Bug Fixes

#1014035 (Bug #77298) ** Probes to remote depots (via commands like 'p4 resolve') would pay the penalty of a trigger check. This change disables these checks for remote depot protocol.

#1013324 (Bug #77580) ** When the configurable 'auth.default.method' is set to 'ldap', new users may only be created by super users or by automatic user creation following a successful authentication against an LDAP server via 'p4 login'.

#1010621 (Bug #77477) ** The combination of edge server, lockless and a task stream with an import@change line would fail during submit with a lock-order error: db.rev locked after db.revtx!

#1010440 (Bug #77471) ** The 'reload -p' command, used to migrate a workspace from one Edge Server to another, or between an Edge Server and the Commit Server, failed in certain specialized licensing scenarios.

#1008536 (Bug #77390) ** In a distributed installation, a pending change can be viewed on a server other than the server where the change was created. In such a situation, the pending change will not display a list of open files (the open files are shown only on the owning server). The 'change -d' command would incorrectly allow the pending change to be deleted if the command was issued on a server other than the owning server; this behavior is fixed and the command is now rejected with an appropriate error message.

#1007724 (Bug #76835) ** Promoting a shelf that has a job attached and then subsequently removing the job from the change could result in an orphaned fix record if the change is later renumbered during a submit.

#1004762 (Bug #77358) ** Fixed a crash that could occur when unshelving moved files to a different branch.

#1003295 (Bug #77269) ** On a forwarding replica with server.depot.root set, a submit which added new files to a depot with a relative mapping would cache copies of those files in the default location under P4ROOT, instead of in the directory named by server.depot.root

#999906 (Bug #76686) ** Parallel sync could under some high concurrency scenarios scan too many rows from db.sendq. This has been fixed.

#999214 (Bug #77223) ** Replication threads (pull or journalcopy) using "long poll" (-i 0) could sometimes report a failure to open the wrong journal file. Fixed.

#998938 (Bug #73278) ** A replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher might incorrectly report that a changelist checksum differed if the changelist was submitted by a workspace with SubmitOptions = revertunchanged and at least one unchanged file was reverted during the submission of that changelist.

#979987 (Bug #76552) ** Standby or edge-servers targeting a standby server did not replicate correctly. Fixed.

#979987 (Bug #76553) ** 'p4 servers -J' against a non-depot standby server reported 0 for the current journal offset rather than the current journal size. Fixed.