Bug Fixes

#1032010 (Bug #74056) ** 'p4 sync --parallel' would fail to expand RCS keywords properly.

#1031176 (Bug #76013) ** 'p4d -xx db.working db.have' could create spurious delete records for db.working if a file opened for move or delete is subsequently moved and submitted by another client and the opened file is then synced to the head revision.

#1030574 (Bug #77559) ** A build-server replica would incorrectly process the View: field for labels, causing the wrong set of revisions to be specified by the label.

#1029766 (Bug #76626) ** Promoting a shelf could fail erroneously with a message: "Files newly opened or reverted during submission."

#1028579 (Bug #77558) ** A replica with lbr.replication=cache was not able to access labels using the autoreload option.

#1027719 (Bug #77595) ** 'p4 export -f' now formats the domain type column correctly for unloaded clients, unloaded labels, and unloaded task streams.

#1026733 (Bug #77504) ** * 'p4 -Zproxyload sync --parallel=...' now correctly updates the proxy's archive cache without sending files to the client.

#1026539 (Bug #77280) ** If a change submitted via an Edge Server was rejected by a change-submit or change-content trigger on the Commit Server, the change's files were modified to read-only mode on the client machine rather than being left in writable mode.

#1026299 (Bug #77435) ** A 'p4 integ' or 'p4 unshelve' command on an Edge Server which failed to open a +l file due to a client-side file transfer error would leave an orphaned lock record in db.excl.

#1023293 (Bug #77818) ** Promoting a shelf to a commit server from an edge server might not transfer all file content. This issue could only be reproduced with end-to-end server SSL and a broker placed between the commit and the edge server. It is likely that under other timing conditions/latency this problem could also occur without this specific configuration.