Bug Fixes

#1042828 (Bug #78427) * 'p4 -P <ticket> sync --parallel' will no longer give authentication errors for the file transfer sub-processes.

#1039843 (Bugs #73075, #74961) ** The revision specifier @client was not working properly for clients bound to a build-server.

#1039303 (Bug #78383) ** A 'p4 describe' command which accesses a remote promoted shelf now properly reports any communications-related error conditions which occur when retrieving the remote shelf.

#1038934 (Bug #78164) ** In a distributed environment, the change-failed trigger now runs on the commit server rather than on the edge server.

#1037776 (Bug #76982) * If a 'p4 sync --parallel' child process encounters an error writing files to the local machine, the parent 'p4 sync' command now returns a non-zero exit status to the operating system.

#1036632 (Bug #77433) ** In a distributed configuration, 'p4 unshelve' no longer takes the global exclusive file lock for a file of type +l which is unshelved for add.

#1036485 (Bug #77069) ** A 'p4 describe -S' command on an Edge Server which specified more than 1 promoted shelf which was created on a different Edge Server would fail with an 'Unknown changelist' message.