Bug Fixes

#1200795 (Bug #79658) ** Fixed a crash in 'integrate' that could occur when a database read failed midway through loading integration history.

#1172504 (Bug #79504) ** A submit initiated on an Edge Server which failed due to a problem detected after the edge-content trigger had been checked could leave the changelist incorrectly marked as "shelved", and possibly also as "promoted", on the Commit Server, although the changelist was correctly recorded on the Edge Server itself.

#1127284 (Bug #79353) ** A 'sync --parallel' command which sync'd any files of type 'binary' would write an incorrect value for the 'type' field of the db.have record for the binary file(s). This could cause problems later when integrating changes into these files from other branches. Any workspaces potentially affected by this bug should be sync'd to revision #0 and then re-sync'd for all files of type binary at their convenience in order to rewrite the db.have records.