Bug Fixes

#1250127 (Bug #81342) ** Under certain conditions a 'change-failed' trigger could run while the parent 'submit' process was holding locks, this could cause a deadlock.

#1249596 (Bug #81329) ** 'p4 changes -s pending' could scan the db.workingx database table unnecessarily when a lot of restricted shelved changes are present.

#1248997 (Bugs #79381, #79384) * ** *** With Windows long filename support enabled, submitting a text file with a depot repository name just over 260 characters in length could cause the submit to fail.

#1247146 (Bug #81257) ** 'p4 submit' from an edge server was incorrectly applying the shelve configurables 'dm.shelve.maxfiles' and 'dm.shelve.maxsize' as part of its file transfer process.

#1244865 (Bug #77040) ** Large fech/push operations are now more concurrent. Specifically, the write lock on the db.counters table is held for a much shorter duration.

#1242778 (Bug #81040) ** The server.locks.archive configurable introduced by #898102 now also applies to the 'p4 restore' command.