Bug Fixes

#1313382 (Bug #84023) ** The 'p4 zip -A' command could fail to include all the necessary archive files, leading to an "archive entry missing" error when running 'p4 unzip -A' subsequently.

#1312636 (Bug #76913) ** 'p4 files <filespec>' with no label or change range will now run lockless if 'db.peeking=3'.

#1310460 (Bug #83924) ** Fixed a rare crash in 'p4 interchanges'. #1305261 (Bug #83604) ** Edge servers fail client authentication when net.mimcheck=5.

#1258075 (Bug #83276) ** ChangeViews were not being honored in Stream import+ path definitions. Various commands were not honoring at the designated change, and submits to the target were being allowed - when the ChangeView should make the target read-only. This has been fixed.