Bug Fixes

#1340637 (Bug #77782) ** The archive deletion journal records for archives deleted by certain shelve and submit command forms are now written in individual journal transactions, which can improve the responsiveness of replicas waiting for the archive deletion to complete.

#1338003 (Bug #84848) ** * 'p4 -Zproxyverbose sync --parallel=...' now correctly displays the diagnostic information about which files were delivered from the proxy's cache.

#1335377 (Bug #84710) ** The fix for bug 70118 is generalized, and now applies to all server platforms.

#1332907 (Bug #84705) ** A failed 'p4 fetch' or 'p4 push' operation now removes any archive files which it copied to the destination server prior to the failure.

#1323224 (Bug #84441) * 'p4 clone' would mis-handle depot file paths containing spaces.