Bug Fixes

#1412767 (Bug #87638) * The 'p4 init' command would write a small number of journal records to the end of the file specified by P4JOURNAL, if set. The local server initialization is now performed with -J off.

#1411325 (Bug #81360) ** A 'p4 fetch' command which transferred both a text (RCS) file whose archive was already present in the destination server and a lazy copy of that file, would leave the lazy copy corrupt. 'p4 verify' would report 'MISSING!' and requests for the file's content would report 'RCS checkout failed!'.

#1410678 (Bug #87181) ** Correct the digest used to ensure that content is transferred correctly to commands within triggers (such as a 'change-content' trigger) when submitting a shelf. A shelf is implicitly submitted to the commit server when a submit is run on an edge server.

#1395561 (Bug #86855) ** Multi-threaded applications using the same connection could disrupt the flow control of long running commands like submit. This change prevents the server from executing any more callbacks as soon as the problem is detected.

#1394215 (Bug #86755) ** Trying to send a large (>1GB) message to the client would cause a communication hang between the client and server.

#1394033 (Bug #86785) ** A ctrl-C (or client failure) of a 'p4 edit' command against an Edge Server could leave orphaned lock records of +l files - should the dropped client connection not be caught in time.