Bug Fixes

#1078790 (Bug #79275) ** Fixed a case involving a remerge after various move, delete, re-add, and copies.

#1071011 (Bug #75098) ** 'p4 cstat' now runs (fully) lockless when peeking is set to 3.

#1070381 (Bug #79139) ** The zip file written by 'p4 zip -A' was missing archive content for branched files if the '-r' flag was omitted.

#1070377 (Bug #79171) ** A 'p4 fetch/push/unzip' command on a highly active server could diagnose conflicts incorrectly.

#1070360 (Bug #77551) ** 'p4d -i' when run under inetd on unix no longer shows 'unknown' for all addresses.

#1070184 (Bug #79180) ** LDAP authentication using the SASL bind method now uses /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random to avoid depleting the system's entropy pool.

#1069094 (Bug #79106) ** Running many concurrent 'p4 unzip' processes could cause a server crash and potential btree corruption.

#1067856 (Bug #79123) ** Fixed a case where renamed files might not match up with each other during an integrate if they were not branched from each other originally, but were instead subsequently copied over each other in a baseless integrate or copy.

#1067584 (Bug #79110) ** In a distributed configuration, 'p4 submit -e --parallel' run from an edge server would silently ignore valid parallel options and would run in non-parallel mode. This has been fixed.

#1066073 (Bug #79045) ** In a distributed configuration, the command 'p4 switch' could error with the message 'Slashes (/) not allowed in <streamname>'. This would cause the switch shelf (stash) to not be deleted.

#1065481 (Bug #77360) ** In a distributed configuration, the 'edit -n' and 'delete -n' commands for a file of type +l might incorrectly report that the file was opened by another user, though it was not.