Bug Fixes

#1099652 (Bug #79317) ** Fixed a filename resolve base selection issue where a file had been moved back and forth on a series of ancestor branches while being intermittently copied over.

#1099588 (Bug #79249) ** The fix for bug #64713 has caused a regression with 'p4 reopen' behavior with default changelists. Consequently, change #782990 has been backed-out.

#1098936 (Bug #77687) ** The 'p4 init' and 'p4 clone' commands can now be used from a directory with a name containing one of the Perforce wildcard characters (@/#/%/*).

#1098195 (Bug 79298) ** Change #771609 introduced a performance regression with 'p4 filelog' that could cause excessive scanning of db.integed.

#1097831 (Bug #72558) ** * On Mac OS X, Perforce variables are no longer retrieved from user or system preferences in your Mac preferences folder. The Perforce variables on Mac OS X now behave in the same way as they do on other Unix-like platforms, including the use of P4ENVIRO files. This means that 'p4 set -s' no longer has any effect on Mac OS X.