Bug Fixes

#1204381, #1028849 (Bug #56707) ** The presence of a client spec with the same name as the TCP/IP address of a replica machine no longer causes that replica to issue the error: "Don't know how to translate paths for OS ''".

#1202710 (Bugs #44639, #63140, #74807) ** The verify command now supports the -S flag to specify that shelved files are to be verified. This flag can also be combined with the -t flag on a replica to schedule the transfer of any missing or damaged shelf archives from the master server.

#1201560 (Bug #79689) ** Files that have been renamed, copied over from unrelated files, and then deleted will now resolve automatically when integrated into other branches where none of those things have happened.

#1178443 (Bug #79473) *** ** * The Windows support for filenames longer than 260 characters will now handle highbit ascii characters correctly.

#1172450 (Bug #79504, #79402) ** A submit initiated on an Edge Server which failed due to a problem detected after the edge-content trigger had been checked could leave the changelist incorrectly marked as "shelved", and possibly also as "promoted", on the Commit Server, although the changelist was correctly recorded on the Edge Server itself.