Bug Fixes

#1216917 (Bug #80122) ** Change #1128864 addressing server log rotation issues on windows server platform introduced some instability into the server that could cause a recursive loop leading to a crash.

#1216335 (Bug #80086) ** Correct high ascii character handling when the Windows Server is in unicode mode, related to long file name handling.

#1215896 (Bug #78784) ** Submitting to a combination of task stream path and Import+ path in the same changelist is not allowed, but not prevented. This change catches the combination and rejects the submit, the user has to resubmit changes to the filepaths in separate submits.

#1215836 (Bug #79924) ** Extremely rare Btree problem would cause the p4d service to hang while database tables are locked. Fixed.

#1213580 (Bug #79647) ** p4d -jr would mis-handle the revStatus field if replaying db.rev journal records written by a 2005.2 or older server.