Bug Fixes

#1225954 (Bug #80379) * ** On Windows an uninitialized variable could cause a file rename to fail. This has been corrected.

#1225235 (Bug #74936) ** A 'sync --parallel' command issued via a forwarding replica would complete immediately, but would sync no files.

#1223646 (Bug #80332) ** If a fetch/push command was issued with a Commit Server or Edge Server as the destination of the fetch/push, and the set of files being copied included some files of type +l, and the command was interrupted or cancelled (e.g., using ^C), then the files of type +l were left exclusively locked by a client with an invalid client name (the name was wrongly prefixed by a double slash).

#1222805 (Bugs #72888, 80283) * ** *** When using SSL with an X.509 certificate whose key size is greater than 2048 bits, then servers and clients could crash or (possibly) exhibit other incorrect behavior while calculating the certificate fingerprint during connection establishment. Similarly, 'p4d -Gf' and 'p4p -Gf' could crash while calculating the certificate fingerprint. This has been corrected.

#1218770 (Bug #38284) ** Fixed a case where 'p4 annotate -i/-I' could perform excessive database scans and consume large amounts of memory with a combination of extensive integration history and a complex protection table.