Bug Fixes

#1240752 (Bug #80943) ** 'p4 integrate' can suffer from performance problems (excessive db.revhx scanning) when using wildcards at a shallow depth. This has been fixed.

#1239015 (Bug #80722) ** A file which was integrated from a streams depot to a local depot, or vice versa, would be placed into the wrong location in the proxy cache if it was accessed via the proxy by a command such as 'p4 sync' or 'p4 print'. Note that the symptom of this bug is in the proxy cache, but the fix is in the server.

#1236012 (Bug #80864) ** A mistake in the 'p4 remote' file mapping lines will no longer allow a 'p4 fetch', 'p4 push', or 'p4 zip' command to generate filenames with illegal depot syntax.

#1235448 (Bug #80818) ** If a fetch, push, or unzip command imported a move/delete revision which was created by a pre-2013.1 server, and the revision of that file immediately prior to the move/delete revision was an integration from a location which was not covered by the remote map used by the fetch/push/unzip command, the metadata for the move/delete revision could be damaged.

#1235330 (Bug #80774) ** Improve security by increasing randomness in tickets generated by 'p4 login'.

#1234699 (Bug #79472) ** 'p4 copy' will no longer consider invisible charset metadata when determining whether two files are already identical.

#1234699 (Bug #80762) ** 'p4 resolve -at' between files with differing charsets will now copy the charset metadata even if server.filecharset is not set. This prevents the 'copy from' resolve record from downgrading to a 'merge from' due to the charset difference.

#1228149 (Bug #80494) ** A change with a missing db.desc record could cause a server crash if that change was accessed by a fetch, push, or zip command.

#1225954,1226981 (Bug #80379) * ** On Windows an uninitialized variable could cause a file rename to fail. This has been corrected.