Bug Fixes

#1464985 (Bug #89311) ** The fetch/push/unzip commands might incorrectly declare a file conflict for a file which was moved multiple times, to different destinations, during its history.

#1464821 (Bug #16821, #89204 ) * ** The configurable 'filesys.checklinks' may fail to prevent files from being added when files are symlinks to directories. This has been fixed. Also, this configurable is now honored for 'p4 reconcile' when detecting files to be added.

#1463609 (Bug #86424) ** Edge Servers might halt replicating if an obliterate command was run concurrently with a very large populate or submit command.

#1458592 (Bug #89052) ** A forwarding replica with lbr.replication=shared will no longer attempt to update the (shared) archive area during the file transfer phase of a forwarded 'p4 submit'. The cache-on-submit behavior is still present for forwarding replicas with lbr.replication set to either readonly or cache.

#1455046 (Bug #88980) ** In replica chaining configurations, replicas which were not directly connected to the master server were not processing archive deletion operations arising from operations such as submission of a binary+S file, deletion of a shelf, obliteration, archive depot operations or retype +l commands.

#1445521 (Bug #88728) ** The configurables rpl.awaitjnl.count and rpl.awaitjnl.interval were inadvertently swapped; they are now corrected.