Bug Fixes

#1319572 (Bug #74317) ** 'p4 annotate' truncates very long lines. In some cases the output stream is not correctly terminated after the truncation and random data or nulls may be appended.

#1318741 (Bug #84229) ** 'p4 submit' of changes with thousands of files from an Edge Server had degraded performance in the earliest releases of 2015.2 due to inefficiencies from the new global locking feature. This has been fixed.

#1318264 (Bug #84035, #84188) ** In a federated server environment 'p4 unshelve' of moved files may cause orphaned exclusive lock entries that show up with 'p4 opened -x'.

#1318264 (Bug #84194) ** In a federated server environment when running directly against the commit server not all exclusive locks for open files were taken.

#1315969 (Bug #84027) ** Explicit rebuild of havemaps utilising 'p4d -xU BuildHaveMaps' would drop all ChangeView fields found in client specs. This has been fixed.

#1313674 (Bug #84022) ** A replica server which was started up at a moment when its master server was down or unreachable would fail to start correctly, and would print an incorrect error message about archive filesystem configuration in the replica log.

#1313390 (Bug #84023) ** The 'p4 zip -A' command could fail to include all the necessary archive files, leading to an "archive entry missing" error when running 'p4 unzip -A' subsequently.