Bug Fixes

#1379774 (Bug #86262) ** Improve performance around structured logs. Log writers will now only acquire a shared lock on the 'logrotate' server meta lock when there are actually writes to the structured logs.

#1379621 (Bug #85991) ** Report to stderr (except on Windows), and syslog or the event log (as supported by the platform), any errors encountered when writing to the server log or a structured log.

#1378294 (Bug #86222) ** Following a 'fetch -t' command, the 'resubmit' command must be used, with the '-R' flag to resume after any merge conflicts are resolved, to coordinate the resubmit of the tangented changes. The 'submit' command now checks for an accidental attempt to submit a change that should have been run as 'resubmit -R', and issues a message rather than allowing the submit.

#1378064 (Bug #85458) ** 'p4 copy' could produce a librarian error when attempting to copy a source file that was moved and then deleted. Fixed.